AADC is a diverse coalition of Arab Americans dedicated to improving our relations with our elected officials and government representatives. Our goal is to increase the number of registered voters statewide and to increase political involvement of our community and to ensure that Arab Americans have a voice in their government.

AADC serves the political interests of the Arab American residents of Illinois and businesses and we are proud of our accomplishments. We regularly meet with elected officials, mayors, state senators, state representatives, U.S. Representatives, U.S. Senators, governors, and presidential candidates.

AADC is politically affiliated with the Democratic Party and is the only registered Arab American political organization offering this important service on behalf of the community.


Our team is made of individuals who believe the best way to reach our community is by offering outreach functions and informative events. We believe that by working together and be connected we can have consistent outcomes.

Our focus is on local elections in the state of Illinois. We offer information on national elections but our priority is to focus on the election of individuals who are fair to everyone, who do not discriminate against anyone, and those who embrace diversity. We oppose discrimination of all forms.